5 Photos Selfie The World’s Most Extreme

Self-portrait, or better known as Photo selfie, is one trend that is booming today. This trend is often associated with social networking, because usually after taking selfie photo, someone will upload them to social media. However, what happens if selfie to get a photo, a person to be willing to do extreme things, like climbing a tower or hanging on the edge of the roof storey building. Well, here are 5 Photos Selfie World’s Most Extreme that makes my skin crawl.

Kirill Oreshkin

Oreshkin Kirill was an outstanding photographer from Moscow. He was crazy about rooftopping, a kind of extreme sport which is done by hanging on the roof. In each photograph, Kirill seen give his smiling happy. In fact, there is no iota of fear on his face. And then, he really was hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. One of the movement, he could not escape death. As reported oddity central, Kirill showed some photos that he took the photograph itself, or now commonly we call Photo selfie.

June Ahn

It’s hard to believe that these photos real. However, Ahn Jun, a South Korean artist, insisted that he did not use photoshop on all his work. Her project, entitled Self-Portrait, showing himself to be in a dangerous position at the top of a skyscraper building. Inevitably, many sharp accusations saying that the photos Ahn Jun has been digitally altered. “I remember the days of my youth. When it is, I often sat on the edge of the top of my apartment in New York and see the sights from the top. Then I had a thought about what if all of a sudden my youth coming to an end and I do not know the future, “said Ahn Jun, the as reported Odditycentral (5/2).

Mike Hopkins

A NASA flight engineer, Mike Hopkins, became one of the astronauts who dared to enter the danger zone in space to repair the International Space Station. Interestingly, while doing its job in space, Mike seemed to make they available to take photos with teammate selfie. As reported by the Daily Mail, Mike then upload the photos directly to Instagram and got an amazing response from his followers.


Brave and daring man is known by the name of Christian. He was desperate to take photos selfie himself while being chased rampaging black bull. The photos were taken when she was following in the tradition bulls chased in Baytown, Texas. Christian when it is following the Great Bull Run event held at the Royal Purple Raceway on the 25th of January. He had a crazy idea to film himself being pursued bull with his Smartphone. A witness who uploaded a photo while taking Christian to Reddit selfie photo, photograph titled “selfie Achieved level 11”, which immediately drew more than 500 comments on her account.

Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov

Remarkably, they never wear a seat every time you make such an extreme action. Two men is known to be very fond of skywalking, so do not be surprised if they look brave climb buildings or other tall structures. Several times, Vitaliy and Vadim showing off their selfie photos in cyberspace, which is immediately greeted with an incredible variety of responses?