10 Simple Tips To Photo Selfie Looks Cool

Activity photographs themselves or known as selfie photo is now becoming a trend that plague today’s society. Not only come from the ordinary people, the head of state class-selfie too fond of air-ria by utilizing the current level of technology in the form of a Smartphone or a pocket camera. There is no special rule for taking photos selfie, as long as the image is polite and does not contain elements of SARA. But, there are some simple photo selfie tips to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary selfie.

1st photo selfie tips: Prepare yourself

What needs to be prepared? Make up maybe? However, there are also trends selfie photo without makeup. Clearly, these preparations that make you look attractive and confident. Whatever it is, just be prepared.

2nd photo selfie tips: Lighting

This factor is very important. With enough light so you can show off the object image with maximum. Not only the face but also other beauty of your hair.

3rd photo selfie tips: Background

Background photo is the ideal location selfie clean, attractive, and bright. Whether its location in the room (indoor) or outdoor (outdoor), make sure the photos have a background like that.

4th photo selfie tips: Snap photos at once

Perform shooting multiple times at once before uploaded. The assumption, you can select which photos best. If your camera supports it, use the features that can take a lot of photos at once.

5th photo selfie tips: Confident

Confident or confident pose in the photo is required for selfie. Therefore, often the less confident when posing when taking photos with unusual style. You should be confident, because this is a fun activity.

6th photo selfie tips: Photo editing application

There are two views about this. First, if you want a nice use only. There are many options that can be used from the application. Secondly, this application will diminish your natural side. Indeed, the photo will be much more interesting or even drastically changed 180 degrees. However, it sounded so like a total edited.

7th photo selfie tips: Angle of the photo

Angle image capture important enough to produce the best selfie photo. The trick, lots of practice in front of the glass. Memorize the best angel in the corner of a particular picture. Then remember well this pose when they wanted to do a photo selfie.

8th photo selfie tips: Be careful with mirrors

Do not use a mirror to snap photos selfie. Use a mirror to practice not only the action photograph. Therefore, the result would be no maximum and the whole body will be exposed.

9th photo selfie tips: Use the front camera

If your phone has a front camera good resolution, use only. The benefit is, you can see a preview of the photo on the screen before doing shots. If your phone is embedded with a front camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels and above, do not hesitate anymore to use it to take pictures selfie.

10th photo selfie tips: Smile

There are a number of styles and poses in the photo selfie, eg ‘duck face’ or ‘duck face’. But do not forget to also do photo selfie with a smile on his lips. Because a smile can give a more natural impression accentuate your personal side.